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Auto Feeding and Packaging System
    Publish time 2017-12-15 10:16    

single lane automatic feeding packing line

Auto Feeding and Packaging System
Character of the feeding and packing system:
1. The feeding and packing system convey plant, push block, or the parts directly touch with the food, all made of SS SUS304

2. The feeding and packing system frame surface and driving parts, is Carbon steel、Nickel、AL;
3. The convey belts are PU food level
4.The feeding system photocell eyes is the Germany SICK brand
5.The transducer is Germany Schneider brand
6.The encoder is Japan OMRON brand
7.Suitable for different product with different size and shape. It’s the multifunction packing machine.
8. High packing speed, which no one can compare with. Eg: The best packing speed of cereal bar can up to 700bags/min.
9. Solve the unstable material coming problem.
10. Disk turntable unite connect with packing machine as one unite, changing according to the material volume.
11. Front-end docking way, which can connect with former production line shunt, also can use manually pour material.
12. Identify and sorting up or down side for regular product. Keep one side of product up as customers’ required.

Paremater of the flow packing machine:
Machine Material: Painting surface / stainless steel conveyer
Packing Speed: 35-350 bags/min
Bag Size(L*W*H): 70-220mm 35-90mm 5-55mm
Pouch Style: pillow type
Film Width:65-350mm
Packing Material: plastic film (OPP/CPP、PT/PE、KOP/CPP、ALU-FOIL)
Application: Biscuits, bread, cake, instant noodle, hotel commodity, candy,pharmaceutical, medicine, hardware or loaded by boxtray and other granular product.

Packing Speed: 35-350 bags/min